Ordinary personal injury claims involve negligence. However, the Washington Products Liability Act was designed to supplant the negligence standard and impute strict liability on Defendants whose products were improperly designed or manufactured. This means that a manufacturer may be held liable for failing to include a safety measure, from not having proper quality control in place, or for injury-causing aspects of the product. It also means business can sometimes be found liable for a manufacturer’s mistake due to insolvency or branded marketing.

Attorneys at Gleam Law have extensive experience in Product Liability law. Our senior attorney, Justin Walsh, was a key player in creating the handbook on Product Liability Litigation with one of the founding fathers of the Washington Product Liability Act, Paul Whelan. We have litigated these claims both on behalf of Plaintiffs and Defendants, and will work to ensure every defense available is asserted. We have an extensive roster of expert witnesses and engineers to ensure any claimed product defect is thoroughly investigated for potential misuse, alternate explanations for the event, and flaws in other experts’ reasoning.

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