Cannabis Litigation Lawyers

Cannabis Litigation Lawyers

With all of the legal complexities and changing regulations in the cannabis industry, it’s inevitable that some businesses will have to enter into cannabis litigation. Although it is an important part of defending your legal marijuana, hemp or CBD business, it can also be extremely stressful. Fortunately, our cannabis litigation lawyers will take the burden of litigation completely off your shoulders and fight for you in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. The Gleam Law team has decades of experience in litigation, and we take pride in staying on top of the latest laws and shifts in the cannabis industry. We work with a wide range of clients who are involved in many different businesses. No matter where you’re located – California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, New Jersey or New York – we can help!

Every cannabis litigation case is unique. Our team of expert cannabis attorneys will look at your specific situation, walk you through the options available and present the best solutions possible. From negotiating settlements and buyouts of investors to rewriting ownership rules and providing representation in court, our cannabis litigation lawyers can handle it all. You can contact us below with any questions about our litigation services, or to set up a meeting at one of our offices in Seattle, Portland, San FranciscoLos AngelesDenverPhoenixNew York, Hoboken, or Raleigh Durham.

General litigation services we offer include:

  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Trademark defense and disputes
  • Business and commercial license disputes
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Premises liability
  • Products liability
  • Breach of contract and securities cases
  • Mediators, arbitrators and expert witnesses
  • Partner and ownership disputes, along with employment disputes
  • Administrative hearings (including cannabis boards, employment security and boards of industrial insurance)
  • Trial and pretrial preparation, including discovery, motions and negotiations
  • Advocacy in non-binding mediation, as well as binding arbitration
  • Constitutional challenges to state, county, and local statutes and ordinances

Our cannabis-specific litigation services include:

  • Commercial cannabis license disputes
  • Dispensary purchases, sales, profits and losses disputes
  • Issues with suppliers, vendors or other third parties
  • Administrative hearings for cannabis boards
  • Partnership, owner and employment disputes
  • Challenges by joint venture entities, financial interest holders and investors
  • Audits and claims by administrative agencies

At Gleam Law, we have knowledgeable attorneys equipped to see you through the cannabis litigation finish line and beyond. Along with the litigation services listed above, we handle many other unique situations and cases across California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, New Jersey and New York. With offices in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, New York, Hoboken, and Raleigh Durham, our cannabis litigation attorneys can help you defend your business.

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