Cannabis Law Firm

Federal patent laws can offer valuable protection for marijuana-related inventions, but many inventors have never considered the benefits of patent protection. Fortunately, our cannabis patent lawyers can outline the advantages and guide you through the process to protect your innovations and set up your business for success.

Trademarks are mostly governed by federal law, specifically, the Lanham Act. Under this act, trademarks used in connection to any legal commerce have certain exclusive rights and the ability to protect those rights. Our cannabis trademark lawyers can help you navigate this complex legal landscape and set up trademarks for your products to protect your business. 

If you have to enter into cannabis litigation to defend your legal marijuana, hemp or CBD business, Gleam Law is on your side. The cannabis litigation lawyers on our team are extremely experienced and will fight for you every step of the way. They can handle unique cases across California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey.

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, which inevitably comes with complications. The Gleam Law team has expert cannabis business lawyers who can provide advice on how to navigate this innovative, high-growth sector. We can help you plan for future growth in your cannabis business without sacrificing your current interests and operations.

The regulations and requirements around cannabis banking can be complex, especially as the industry continues to grow. From payment systems to compliance to business and operations, our knowledgeable cannabis attorneys can offer advice and guidance. Contact with the Gleam Law team today with any questions and to see how we can get started.

At Gleam Law, our expert attorneys are continuously monitoring the latest federal, state and international CBD laws. We can walk you through the specifics of CBD laws in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey. You won’t find more knowledgeable legal guides than our CBD lawyers!

In 2018, the Farm Bill separated hemp from marijuana and decriminalized it. Now, hemp is regulated by the FDA and the FTC. Our expert hemp lawyers can ensure that your business is in compliance with all of their regulations, as well as help you find solutions to any roadblocks your business may face. And if you have to enter into hemp litigation, we’re on your side!

Although there’s been a lot of progress in the hemp industry recently, it still has some grey legal areas. Our experienced hemp lawyers can answer any questions you may have about legal marijuana, hemp and CBD laws. We can offer guidance on farming, licensing, marketing, transporting products and more.

Gleam Law has many expert cannabis attorneys on our team. We work with clients across all aspects of the legal marijuana, hemp and CBD industry in Washington, Oregon, California, New Jersey and New York. Our primary areas of practice are business law, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, lobbying, employment law and tax law. We also focus on handling cannabis intellectual property for current and future business owners. This includes patent law, trademark law and copyright law.

If you are a cannabis entrepreneur or business owner, you have a unique opportunity to be a pioneer in the thriving cannabis industry. But, you don’t have to do it alone! Our knowledgeable team of legal marijuana lawyers can guide you through all of the complex cannabis laws and regulations. We can be a valuable asset for your business as you continue to evolve in this emerging market and face roadblocks or issues that may arise. Contact us today with any questions or to set up a meeting in one of our offices in SeattlePortlandSan FranciscoLos Angeles, New York, and Hoboken.