Cannabis Law Firm in California, Washington & Oregon

Federal patent law is absolutely an available protection for marijuana-related inventions. As the industry has been underground for so long, many inventors have never considered the benefits of patent protection. Now that prohibition is ending in many jurisdictions, the time has come to embrace and protect innovation…  
Trademarks are mostly governed by federal law, specifically, the Lanham Act. Under the Lanham Act, trademarks used in connection to any legal commerce have certain exclusive rights, and the ability to protect those rights. The basis for those rights is the owner’s “use in commerce,” however, it must be a “legal use in commerce.”.
The CBD market is one with real economic promise, but quite a confusing legal landscape. Under the current CBD legal schema, hemp-derived CBD grown within a state’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program may be legally transported and sold in all 55 U.S. states and territories. Although some federal agencies and state governments are challenging this, they currently lack the ability to enforce against it.
Cannabis is one of the newest, fastest growing, and most complicated industries in the United States. Like any innovative and high-growth sector, cannabis businesses need expert advice on how to plan for growth and future ambitions without sacrificing their current interests and operations.

If you are a cannabis entrepreneur or business owner, you have a unique opportunity to be a pioneer in the thriving cannabis industry.  Gleam Law is a full-service cannabis law firm with offices in Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California. Our clients are involved in all aspects of the cannabis industry. Our primary areas of practice are business law, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, lobbying, employment law and tax law. There has always been plenty of demand for marijuana from a consumer perspective. However, the current evolution of the cannabis trade is unsettled and filled with complex legal issues. As a business owner, this means you should know current cannabis laws and regulations inside-out. This is where our cannabis law firm can be a valuable asset for your business. Our specialty is handling cannabis intellectual property for current and future business owners. This includes patent law, trademark law, and copyright law. Our team of lawyers continue to evolve alongside this emerging market