CBD Law Firm in California, Oregon & Washington


Although it has real economic promise, the CBD market is known for its confusing legal landscape. Under the current CBD legal schema, hemp-derived CBD grown within a state’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program may be legally transported and sold in all 55 U.S. states and territories. Some federal agencies and state governments are challenging this, but they currently lack the ability to enforce against it. That means you have to be able to navigate potential risks in order to capitalize on the immense CBD opportunities. Fortunately, the knowledgeable attorneys at Gleam Law based in Washington, Oregon, and California are paying close attention to federal, state, and international CBD laws. We offer a range of legal services to help you better understand and navigate the complex CBD market.

CBD Law in Oregon

Even in states like Oregon – known for their growing cannabis industry – the guidelines on CBD are not clear. Differing federal and state guidelines can be confusing for businesses within the CBD and hemp market. Our experienced team can walk you through setup, licensing, and more in Oregon.

CBD Law in Washington

While it has been a pioneer state in terms of recreational cannabis, Washington still has progress to make when it comes to specific legal guidelines for the CBD and hemp market. It has the potential to be a booming industry, as long as businesses can successfully navigate the laws and licenses required.

CBD Law in California​

The CBD and hemp market continues to pick up speed in California, but there are still some uncertainties when it comes to legal guidelines. We can guide you through CBD laws and updates, the correct licensing, building a credible brand in the industry and more.

Stay tuned as the CBD laws across the U.S. and beyond continue to evolve. Please contact our cannabis law team with any questions about our CBD expertise and legal services.