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We serve cannabis business entrepreneurs in the United States and across the globe with intellectual property, business law, and litigation.

Our cannabis law firm with offices in California, Washington, and Oregon serves business entrepreneurs across the country and internationally. We offer expertise in everything from intellectual property law and litigation to legal marijuana business law and cannabis banking.

Featuring the best cannabis lawyers around, our firm stays on top of current CBD, hemp and legal marijuana market conditions and analyzes potential changes in the industry. Our cannabis lawyers’ expertise ensures every one of our clients gets the very best legal results in litigation, cannabis banking, and beyond.

The Gleam Law team can help you craft a business strategy that allows you to pivot, adapt and succeed in the midst of all of the regulations and competition in the quickly growing CBD, hemp, or legal marijuana industry. When you choose to work with us, you can be confident the top cannabis law firm is on your side.

Cannabis Business Law

The best time to get legal counsel for your CBD, hemp, or legal marijuana business is the moment you decide to start it. Our cannabis law firm can provide strategic advice and evaluate your business plan to help you identify potential legal or operational issues before they arise.

Cannabis Intellectual Property

The time, money, and resources you’ve invested into your cannabis business and creative intellectual property should be protected. Our expert cannabis lawyers will provide proper legal representation and help you protect everything you’ve worked toward.

Cannabis Law

The hemp, CBD, and legal marijuana industry is turbulent and filled with cryptic legal restrictions. Our cannabis lawyers can help you develop your business and brand, register and protect trademarks, and stay up to date on compliance regulations.

Cannabis Litigation

Entering into cannabis litigation can be a stressful step for business owners, especially in an industry fraught with legal complexities. Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes necessary to defend yourself and your business. Our cannabis law firm is here for you every step of the way.


Gleam Law is working with clients to help them understand the emerging legal psychedelics field and providing them with the legal counsel required to operate in this new and emerging space.

Product Liability

At Gleam Law, we have cannabis attorneys with decades of experience in product liability law. Our extensive roster of expert witnesses and engineers can help ensure that any claimed product defect is thoroughly investigated and analyzed.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are even more complex and challenging in the cannabis industry across California, Washington, Oregon, and all other states with legalized marijuana. Our cannabis lawyers understand proper valuations, procedures for transferals of licenses, and much more. They can help ensure a smooth and safe process.

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