We serve cannabis business entrepreneurs in the United States and across the globe with intellectual property, business law, and litigation.

We analyze current cannabis market conditions and pay attention to potential changes in the industry. We’re passionate about our cannabis business law practice and remain ahead of the curve from other law firms. Our expertise helps our clients get the very best legal results for their business.

Regulations and competition are plentiful in this new industry. The team of cannabis lawyers at Gleam Law can help you craft a business strategy that allows you to pivot, adapt, and succeed.

Cannabis Business Lawyer

The best time to get legal counsel for your cannabis business is the moment you decide to start your business. Get strategic legal advising to evaluate your business plans, and ideas. Our lawyers will help you identify legal issues, operational issues, and pinch points, then develop a strategy to resolve these issues.

Cannabis Intellectual Property Lawyer

You have invested a lot into your cannabis business or creative intellectual property. The time, money, and resources you’ve invested should be accompanied by proper legal representation to protect your investments. You are working on building something great! Let us help you protect what you have created.

Cannabis Lawyer

The cannabis industry is turbulent, and filled with cryptic legal restrictions. Your business deserves professional legal representation to help your cannabis business succeed. The team of legal experts at Gleam Law are here to help develop your cannabis business and brand, register and protect your trademarks, and keep updated on compliance regulations.

Cannabis Litigation

Entering into cannabis litigation can be a stressful step for business owners, especially in an industry that is fraught with legal complexities like cannabis. Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes necessary to defend yourself and your business.

Cannabis Banking

Banking is the number one issue surrounding the cannabis industry. For the financial institution willing to serve the industry there is a rewarding opportunity to be a trailblazer in an emerging industry. With any new opportunity comes unique challenges, the most daunting is the unknown. Our attorneys have substantial experience within the financial industry and have creating and built a cannabis banking programs for credit unions from the ground to a high performing product lines.

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