Our patent lawyers possess a great deal of experience in the sciences, including software, hardware, mechanical, and electrical. Patents give the inventor of some useful, original, and non-obvious item the exclusive right to make and sell their invention for a period of time, generally 20 years. There are three types of patents: plant, utility, and design patents.

Utility Patent:

Utility patents protect the functionality of a new and useful process, machine, composition of matter (such as an alloy), or manufacturing system. Utility patents are the most common patent type and can offer inventors and companies broad protection for many types of ideas.

Plant patents:

Plant patents are available for invented or discovered asexually reproduced plants that are a new variety of plant distinct and distinct from any plant found in nature. Often these plants are some form of genetically modified organism (GMO). Eligible plant types might include mutants, hybrids, and newly found seedlings.

Design Patent:

Design patents are available to inventors who create a new ornamental design of a functional item. The design often constitutes the industrial schematics of inventions that could range from ballistic rockets to mechanical pencils.


Cannabis Copyright Protection

Copyright registration is critical in protecting your cannabis business endeavors. Our lawyers are passionate about protecting your artistic passions.

Cannabis Trademark Protection

Trademark and trade dress protection is important to protect the goodwill in your cannabis company and products. Gleam Law will use our dual expertise in both cannabis and intellectual property help you register and protect your federal trademarks

Cannabis Patent

Our cannabis patent lawyers and patent agents possess a great deal of experience in the cannabis industry and the sciences: including software, hardware, mechanical, electrical, and bio-chemistry.

While you might be able to find cheaper ways to secure your trademark, copyright, or get your patent filed, the do-it-yourself approach requires hours of determination, persistence and focus to complete the filing process and it is extremely easy to make a mistake. You have invested a lot of time and capital into your business idea or invention–let our intellectual property law firm protect your valuable business assets.

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