30 Minutes Of ‘Its A Small World’ On A Loop Garnered A $4,000 Settlement

At least a court has found that being caught on the Disney ride for 30 minutes may result in damages for pain and suffering.

The Disney ride broke down around Thanksgiving in 2009. While the rest of the ride attendees were evacuated, the plaintiff was forced to remain on the ride due to a physical disability. After 30 minutes, the ride was repaired and the plaintiff was removed and treated at Disneyland first aid (which is not currently claimed as the happiest first aid on Earth). The plaintiff’s attorney emphasized that the plaintiff was forced to endure the ‘Small World’ theme song for 30 minutes while it played on loop.

The court granted the plaintiff $4,000 for pain and suffering and $4,000 for other disabilities access violations.

The ABA has an article here.