Revised Injunction Against MyVidster

MyVidster currently safe under the DMCA The Seventh Circuit issued an opinion reversing the injunction against myVidster, a social video bookmarking site. Flava Works sued myVidster for hosting embedded videos in which Flava Works owns the copyrights. The district court granted an injunction.

Copyright Law gives a “bundle of rights” comprising the following exclusive rights:

  • To reproduce the work
  • To make derivative works of the work
  • To distribute copies of the work to the public (sale, rental, lease, lending)
  • To perform the work publicly
  • To display the work publicly

Judge Posner, who wrote this opinion, held that those who host or watch an embedded video is not infringing the copyright, although those who upload the works might be infringing.

The EFF elaborates on this case here.