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Gleam Law Featured on the Tech Blog Writer Podcast

The Founder and Managing Partner of Gleam Law, Neil Juneja, joins The Tech Blog Writer podcast for an exclusive interview. In it, he shares his experience as an innovative cannabis lawyer in Seattle, Washington. 

What You’ll Learn About Gleam Law in This Interview

This interview dives into Neil’s success filing more than 400 cannabis patents and trademarks. But it also uncovers why he made the jump into this industry as early as he did.

Presently, Gleam Law is one of the largest cannabis law practices in the country. With offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, Gleam is a stalwart of the West coast industry. But Gleam’s work is known all over, as evidenced by their national and international list of clients.

Before this dream became a reality, Neil was unimpressed by what he saw in the legal field. The focus on dress code and out of date lawyer-client relationships felt stuffy and unnatural to him. Even then, Neil recognized the opportunity to do things differently. Instead of sticking to the status quo, Neil launched a new kind of law firm in a new kind of industry: cannabis.

Gleam Law, PLLC is now one of the most trusted firms for all things cannabis intellectual property. Whether someone needs help filing a trademark to protect their brand, assistance filing a cannabis patent, or defending a cannabis company in court, Gleam Law provides a much needed service to this nascent industry.

The firm’s accomplishments go beyond just the legal work—Neil’s own ethos shines through. There is a focus on client needs, creating genuine relationships and bringing humanity to legal work. This focus earns Neil Juneja and Gleam Law numerous awards and repeat clients every year.

Listen to the entire interview on the Tech Blog Writer podcast here or on all the popular podcast platforms, including iHeart Radio, Tunein, Stitcher, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.