Budtender Uses Bong to Protect Dispensary During Attempted Robbery

When a group of robbers entered a dispensary brandishing bear spray, one budtender was unphased. He took hold of a large, glass bong on the shelf and used it to successfully fight off not one, not two, but three masked burglars.

A dispensary in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Canada was the target of an attempted robbery. The three assailants were armed with bear spray, spraying it into the air as soon as they rushed in. One budtender behind the counter quickly reached for a glass bong and swung it like baseball bat. And the scene wouldn’t be complete without a tiny Chihuahua running around at their ankles.

The budtender was successful in pushing all three burglars out of the dispensary.

Dispensaries are common targets for robberies. It is well known that cannabis businesses operate on a cash-only basis, generally speaking. With the ambiguity of federal legality, many banks refuse to do business with the industry. This leads to cannabis operators and retailers carry large amounts of cash at any time, the perfect target for burglaries. Congress has rejected many attempts to fix the banking issues in state-legal markets, with the latest attempt shot down earlier this year.