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Gleam Law is founded on the belief that good ideas are worth protecting. With the unprecedented growth of the cannabis industry, taking the steps to protect your legal marijuana, CBD and hemp businesses has never been more important. We want to see this industry thrive. And just like any other business, you will need legal help. Fortunately, our cannabis law firm serves clients throughout the country with offices in California, Washington and Oregon.

Our team is made up of top cannabis lawyers who do not take themselves too seriously. We take pride in our commitment to our clients and our deep understanding of how the CBD, hemp, and legal marijuana industry works. Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. From business law and cannabis banking to intellectual property law and civil litigation, they cover a range of expertise and are ready for any challenge you throw our way.

We are not a big firm with a cannabis practice. We are a full-service cannabis law firm, and that is the Gleam Law difference. We offer a wide array of cannabis-related legal services, including licensing, litigation and intellectual property. No matter where you are, our lawyers in Oregon, Washington, and California are here for you.


Business Law

Our expert cannabis lawyers can help you understand the legal options that best fit your unique vision and situation. We’ll provide you with practical professional advice that ensures you reap the full benefits of the corporate structure you have chosen for your CBD, hemp or legal marijuana business.

Intellectual Property

At Gleam Law, we’ll help you register and protect your federal trademarks. Trademark and trade dress protection is important to protect the good will in your company, as well as your CBD, hemp, and legal marijuana products.

Cannabis Law

Cannabis law is a rapidly evolving industry with complex issues and an unsettled legal landscape. Numerous bodies of law are in opposition and not yet resolved. Our cannabis law firm can help you navigate the fragile legal landscape of CBD, hemp and legal marijuana.


Entering into cannabis litigation can be a stressful step for business owners, especially in an industry fraught with legal complexities. Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes necessary to defend yourself and your business. Our cannabis lawyers will guide you through the process.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Gleam Law advises clients on a variety of business transactions. Our experience and expertise in mergers, purchases, and sales of businesses has made us trusted by individuals and corporations both nationally and internationally. Our cannabis law firm has expertise in employment law, transactional financing, intellectual property, and real estate.

Product Liability

The cannabis lawyers at Gleam Law have extensive experience in product liability law. We have a large roster of expert witnesses and engineers to ensure any claimed product defect is thoroughly investigated for potential misuse, alternate explanations for the event, and flaws in other experts’ reasoning.

Cannabis Banking

Our cannabis credit union program is designed to be there when you need us. If you’re interested in building a cannabis-friendly credit union, now is the time to capitalize on the opportunity.

Real Estate Law

In states like California, Oregon, and Washington, your ability to get a cannabis license depends, in part, on securing an appropriate location. License applications requires this information to ensure your future business location complies with state and local cannabis laws.