A trademark is only protected if there is someone keeping an eye on it. No government agency will defend your trademark rights, that is purely up to the owner of the mark. But, monitoring your trademark to keep other companies or people from using it is time consuming and knowing what to do next may require expert advice.

With over 40,000 new trademark applications filed every month, not including the many more unregistered trademarks used in commerce every day, keeping up with trademark infringement can be extremely difficult. The most efficient, thorough, and effective way to protect your trademark is to hire an expert who knows what to look for and how to protect your rights as inexpensively as possible.

At only $300 per month, or $3000 per year, Gleam Law’s Trademark Monitoring Subscription plan is minimal investment to protect one’s brands.

The Trademark Monitoring Subscription includes:

  • Monthly Conflict Search:
    • On a monthly basis, we will search both government and private databases using our customized proprietary methods to find any and all trademark conflicts. Knowing what infringement is out there as soon as possible is essential to protecting your IP rights.
  • 1 Free Enforcement Action per month:*
    • Demand Letter:
      • The most common first step after trademark infringement is found is a letter to the infringing party that explains what we found, how their actions violate our client’s rights, and demands that they cease all infringing activity immediately. Each letter is custom prepared to best suit the situation.
    • Notice of Opposition:
      • After a trademark application is approved by the USPTO, it is published for opposition for a 30-day window. During that window, anyone can file an opposition to stop the mark from being registered as someone else’s property. If we can prove that their applied-for-mark is too similar to your mark, then you can prevent their trademark registration and protect your intellectual property.

Monthly:                     $300 per month per trademark

Yearly:                         $3000 per year per trademark

* The included monthly service is limited to one demand letter or one opposition filing per month. If additional services are necessary then the client is advised to retain either Gleam Law, PLLC or other legal counsel to complete the matter. Additional services not included in the subscription plan include without limitation substantive negotiations with third parties, trademark licensing, litigation, and any opposition filings submitted to the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board other than the initial Notice of Opposition.