In states like California, Oregon, and Washington, your ability to get a cannabis license depends, in part, in securing an appropriate location. License applications requires this information to ensure your future business location complies with state and local cannabis laws.

Finding a real estate lawyer with an understanding of the unique needs of the cannabis industry is harder and more important than it seems. When it comes to finding a lease for your cannabis business, you need a real estate attorney that knows three main things, starting with state and local regulations in the area you plan to conduct business.

Next, a good cannabis real estate lawyer should understand your unique business needs. Does a real estate location offer a strong enough water or power supply to support your business? Is it compliant with local laws regarding distance from a school or park? Will the community support you? A good real estate attorney will address all of these things.

Lastly, a cannabis real estate lawyer should be able to spot a predatory lease. Unfortunately, the complexities of cannabis real estate law make it easier for landlords and property owners to take advantage of cannabis business owners. A good real estate attorney will review a lease, title, or deed and make sure your best interests are protected.

For Gleam Law to be a full-service cannabis law firm, it is essential that we offer legal help for cannabis real estate. Our cannabis real estate attorneys can help you find and secure a compliant location for your cannabis business and protect you from predatory situations.

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