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At Gleam Law, our cannabis business lawyers advise clients on a variety of business transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. Our experience and success in M&A cases has earned the trust of individuals and corporations both internationally and nationally. The attorneys at our firm have a wide range of expertise in employment law, transactional financing, intellectual property, and real estate – as well as in-depth knowledge of the marijuana, CBD and hemp industry. This enables us to provide holistic advice that meets the specific needs of our clients.

The cannabis business lawyers at our firm have extensive experience with the constantly shifting world of legal marijuana, hemp, and CBD, which puts us in a unique position. Our understanding of the intersections of state law and regulatory requirements, federal law, and the challenging financial realities of operating a cannabis business make Gleam Law superlative in the legal world.
Transactions in this highly regulated industry can be particularly complicated and difficult to navigate. Buyers and sellers need to be aware of the distinctive challenges or they risk running afoul of laws and rules, jeopardizing the deal and the businesses. With a shorter history of legality, effective due diligence in cannabis transactions requires the kind of specialized knowledge that our M&A attorneys have developed from working within the industry since the beginning. With cannabis business lawyers working across Washington, Oregon, and California, Gleam Law has the experience to best represent both buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisitions.

Gleam Law can provide personable and professional counsel for clients taking their first steps in the cannabis industry, as well as for those who have been around since state legalization or earlier. Our unique mergers and acquisitions experience translates to a marked advantage for our clients. Our attorneys’ intimate knowledge of areas such as intellectual property, business and labor laws, administrative law – plus our strong partnerships with cannabis interest groups and regulators – mean that we are ahead of the curve on upcoming changes in the industry and can provide knowledgeable and nuanced guidance in the purchase or sale of your cannabis business.

Our cannabis business lawyers have helped many clients successfully navigate mergers and acquisitions in the legal marijuana, CBD, and hemp industry. Now, Gleam Law is here to help you!

Cannabis M&A Lawyers

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