Legal marijuana, CBD, and hemp are some of the newest and fastest growing – as well as most complicated – industries in the United States today. Like any innovative and high-growth sector, cannabis businesses need expert advice on how to plan for future ambitions without sacrificing current interests and operations. Fortunately, that’s where our experienced cannabis business lawyers come in.

When it comes to the legal marijuana market, the conflicts between state and federal law can be confusing. Laws often differ enormously from state to state (or city to city). Even routine legal work can require custom changes to protect the unusual needs of cannabis businesses and investors. Our lawyers based out of Washington, Oregon, and California are very knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects of legal marijuana, CBD, and hemp laws. Let our cannabis business lawyers help you navigate the complex legal landscape.

Cannabis Business Contracts

At Gleam Law, our lawyers have extensive experience drafting custom contracts for a diverse range of business practices. We can help ensure your cannabis business contracts are airtight and correct. Following are just a few examples of our past business contract projects:

  • IP licensing contacts
  • Employment agreements
  • Investment documents
  • Corporate formation documents

Corporate Acquisitions

Young, high-growth industries always see a flurry of mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales in their early years. The cannabis market is no different. Our team at Gleam Law has helped negotiate and structure countless business and license sales – from the earliest discussions all the way to final approval by the regulating agency. Contact our cannabis business lawyers today for an initial consultation and guidance on the future of your business.

Cannabis Regulatory Compliance

Due to the complex, ever-changing nature of the industry, cannabis companies face many limitations on their activities. Our business lawyers in our Washington, Oregon, and California offices help clients stay in compliance, understand their obligations, and formulate strategies to achieve outside-the-box ideas.

Contact our Cannabis Business Lawyers

Our full-service cannabis law firm offers a wide selection of legal services to meet your specific business needs. Every one of our lawyers is well versed in the evolving legal marijuana, CBD, and hemp industry and can handle any of the requests you throw at us. Some of our additional services include:

  • New business formation, registration and licensing
  • Cannabis administrative hearings
  • Cannabis manufacturing
  • Corporate governance
  • Regulatory compliance

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