Cannabis is one of the newest, fastest growing, and most complicated industries in the United States. Like any innovative and high-growth sector, cannabis businesses need expert advice on how to plan for growth and future ambitions without sacrificing their current interests and operations.

However, unlike any other industry in American history, the conflicts between state and federal law concerning cannabis complicate everything. Cannabis laws often differ enormously from state to state (or even city to city). Even routine legal work can require custom changes to protect the unusual needs of cannabis businesses and investors.

Cannabis Business Contracts

Gleam Law has extensive experience drafting custom contracts for nearly any business practice. Past projects include IP licensing contacts, employment agreements, investment documents, corporate formation documents, and many others.

Corporate Acquisitions

Young, high growth industries always see a flurry of mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales in their early years. Cannabis is no different. Gleam Law has helped negotiate and structure countless business and license sales, from the earliest discussions all the way to final approval by the regulating agency.

Cannabis Regulatory Compliance

Cannabis companies face many limitations on their activities, Gleam Law helps clients understand their obligations and formulate strategies to achieve outside-the-box ideas.

Cannabis Law in Washington

Washington state is a pioneer in developing the model infrastructure for recreational cannabis. The normalization process for this industry has been turbulent and full of growing pains for legislators, lobbyists, and business owners. The cannabis industry will evolve and the competition will increase dramatically. Gleam Law will help you establish a strong brand that will stand the test of time.

Cannabis Law in Oregon

The recreational cannabis market is relatively new in Oregon but is evolving at a rapid pace.  Gleam Law successfully navigated the implementation of 502 in Washington state. We’ve been walking our clients through the tedious process to becoming a licensed cannabis business. Gleam Law is perfectly situated to help your company obtain a cannabis producer, processor, wholesaler or retailer license in Oregon.

Cannabis Patent Law

Cannabis-related inventions are eligible for protection through federal patent law. Cannabis prohibition is ending. The time has come to embrace and protect innovation.

Most patent attorneys don’t take cannabis invention filings seriously and almost all lack a comprehensive understanding of this emerging industry. Understanding the current technologies used in the industry is important for a patent attorney to be able to determine what is novel and what is not – a key component of patentability.

Cannabis plant patents are also available. A plant patent application must be: 1) asexually reproduced; 2) novel; and 3) nonobvious. To qualify for “novel” status, the plant must be new. “Nonobvious” means that, from the perspective of one of ordinary skill in the art (in this case, cannabis botany), is the new plant obvious? For a cannabis plant to be nonobvious, it must exceed an ordinary cross or variation on already existing cannabis plants. It needs to be a plant that expresses genes in a different manner.

Cannabis Trademark Law

During the dark days of prohibition, the cannabis industry craved anonymity. Those days are long gone. Your survival and success rely on the effectiveness of your branding: how your product(s) show up in the marketplace and how well you define and protect what your business represents. The trademark is how consumers know which products are yours and where all the unique value that you offer to your customers and clients is stored.

As the cannabis industry continues to get more competitive, the strength of your company’s brand name will set you apart from competitors with inferior products. Your trademark is your most valuable long-term asset.

Trademarks are protectable under state law, common law, and federal law. Protection under federal law can cover your name, logo, slogan, distinctive “look and feel,” and the packaging of your cannabis products. To protect your company’s brand you will need experienced cannabis attorneys that understand how cannabis interfaces with trademark law.

We are those attorneys

Our team of law professionals know the ins-and-outs of cannabis law and trademark law. The cannabis industry is fast-paced and highly competitive. Delays can cost your business everything. We’ll help you avoid errors, and register your cannabis company faster so you can focus on making your company the best it can be.

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