A trademark may be the most valuable asset you that you own. A trademark is the recognizable branding that your customers associate with your goods or services. Names, logos, scents, the “look and feel” of your products, or even the sound of your popular jingle are all trademarks.

Gleam Law’s trademark attorneys have years of experience guiding our clients through every stage of the trademark lifecycle. We offer a range of trademark services, including:

  • Clearance Searches: Before you invest in a new trademark, we will conduct a comprehensive search of private and government databases to ensure that your chosen trademark is not only available, but protectable.
  • Trademark Registration: Registering your mark with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) is the first formal step to protecting your exclusive rights to use your trademark.
  • Trademark Office Actions: An Office Action is a preliminary trademark registration refusal from the USPTO. We have successfully defended dozens of trademark applications against almost every type of office action, even when other trademark attorneys thought it was a lost cause.
  • Trademark Opposition: Anyone can officially oppose a trademark registration; we defend your rights to the trademark, whether you are opposing another’s registration, or defending your own registration.
  • Trademark Infringement: Trademark protections are intended to prevent consumer confusion, but they can only be enforced by the trademark owner. Allow us to build the case against an infringing business or individual that used your mark without your permission.
  • Trademark Licensing: There are a million reasons why our clients sell (or buy) the right to use a trademark. Whether you are expanding your business to an independent party in another state, or are hoping to put a household name on your products, we can help guarantee that you get what you want at the right price.
  • Trademark Monitoring: Our exclusive Trademark Monitoring Subscription service will keep an active eye on your trademark to ensure that your rights are protected at all times. The first step towards protecting your mark is knowing who is stealing it.

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