We Protect Your Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property in the emerging cannabis industry is complex. It is also a critical aspect of building a successful cannabis business and brand. Our team of legal experts will help you decipher all the legal nuances and get your business assets protected.

Our team of intellectual property lawyers serve a global client base from our offices in Washington, Oregon, and California and are here to help you grow your cannabis business. We will help shorten the overall business registration process and make sure you have a solid foundation to build from. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with the ins- and- outs of intellectual property law, and can help you avoid common pitfalls that many unrepresented business owners fall victim to. We will register and protect your federally registered trademark, patent, or copyright so you can spend more time building your cannabis business.

Trademark Law

A trademark may be the most valuable asset you that you own. A trademark is the recognizable branding that your customers associate with your goods or services. Names, logos, scents, the “look and feel” of your products, or even the sound of your popular jingle are all trademarks.  Read more>

Copyright Law

Copyrights are constitutional rights. US law recognizes the right of a creator to own and control his or her artistic and academic creations. Protecting these rights encourages all of us to share our talents and ideas, which ultimately inspire others to create their own Mona Lisa’s.  Read more>

Patent Law

Our patent lawyers and patent agents possess a great deal of experience in the sciences, including software, hardware, mechanical, and electrical. Patents give the inventor of some useful, original, and non-obvious item the exclusive right to make and sell their invention for a period of time, generally 20 years. There are three types of patents: plant, utility, and design patents.  Read more>