Gleam Law Opens New Marijuana Law Offices in San Francisco & Los Angeles

Written by Ammon J. Ford, Attorney at Gleam Law, PLLC. 

Gleam Law is excited to announce the opening of two new offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Christopher Sabec, an experienced business attorney and Executive, will lead these offices.

California has been the leader of American cannabis for decades. Whether it is growing the world’s best sun-grown cannabis or passing the country’s first medical marijuana laws in 1996, California has always been a force for cannabis innovation. Now California is moving into its next phase of leadership as the world’s largest legal cannabis economy. The Adult Use Market in California is projected to be worth more than $5 Billion—that’s more than every legal cannabis state in America combined.

As California’s cannabis industry readies itself for this new stage of growth, it will mean more regulations, hundreds of rules, complex licensing, and an ever-increasing need for protecting a company’s intellectual property. Gleam Law wants to provide all cannabis retailers, cultivators, and ancillary service providers access to dedicated and experienced cannabis attorneys to help them maneuver this complex regulatory environment.

“We are excited to make our experienced cannabis attorneys available to the fast-moving California market,” said Neil Juneja, Founder & Managing Attorney at Gleam Law, “It is more important than ever that cannabis business owners get the legal resources they need to remain compliant and competitive in the complex world of Adult Use cannabis. Gleam Law is inspired by the continued innovation in the California cannabis industry and looks forward to providing legal help for all of its shareholders.”

Christopher Sabec joined Gleam Law in November 2017 as an experienced attorney and corporate executive. He has 25 years of combined legal and business management experience and has worked with cannabis cultivators and business owners all over the state of California. Sabec was previously the CEO of the Jerry Garcia Estate and the attorney for the celebrated musician Dave Matthews. He received his law degree, with honors, from the University of Georgia School of Law.

“I am thrilled to join the team at Gleam Law and spearhead the firm’s California presence. Gleam has been at the forefront of medical and recreational cannabis and as California transitions to Adult Use in 2018, the firm’s expertise will be invaluable to our clients here,” says Christopher Sabec.

Moving into a more regulated business environment can be tedious, complicated, and time-consuming. Having someone on your side that is dedicated to understanding the complex regulatory environment is essential to keeping you, and your business, compliant and prosperous.

If you are a cannabis cultivator, retailer, or ancillary service provider in California, Gleam Law is here to help. Contact our cannabis attorneys in California to discuss how we can be of assistance.