By Jordan Gertje on July 10, 2021

Is this your first time hearing about 710?
Most everyone familiar with cannabis knows about 420. The number “420” dates back decades in marijuana culture; from The Grateful Dead, to mentions in Pulp Fiction, to music from Snoop Dogg, all the way to mainstream pop culture. The stoner holiday you’ve likely never heard of is gaining popularity in the cannabis community, 7/10, also known as Oil Day.

What is 7/10?
710 or 7/10, is known as National Dab Day in the cannabis community, celebrated on July 10th every year. When the number 710 is upside down, it resembles the word OIL, which is used to describe very potent cannabis products like hash oil, shatter, wax, etc.

After 420, 710 has become the second-largest cannabis holiday. Similar to the way 420 is celebrated on April 20th by those who appreciate weed culture, 710 is dubbed a “stoner” holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, dabs, or concentrates.

How did 7/10 get started?
There’s no way to know for sure who originated the phrase 710, and applied it to marijuana concentrates, as it is with most anything in cannabis culture.

The use of 710 has gained popularity in the media and among cannabis consumers since its first mention in the news, back in 2013. The first mention in the Urban Dictionary of 710 relating to smoking concentrates, was also back in 2013.

Back in 2012, after legalization in Washington and Colorado, the availability of oils and dabs expanded dramatically on the cannabis market, and helped to normalize the usage of cannabis extracts. Before states began to legalize, cannabis oil production was unsafe and risky due to the highly flammable process of smoking oil that had no quality assurance or safety measures in place.

However, since legalization, the states have implemented new rules prohibiting the use of toxic and flammable solvents, such as butane, in the production of concentrates. Specifically, under Colorado’s law, using these dangerous chemicals to make marijuana concentrates is a level 2 drug felony.

This boosted the quality of oils produced and increased the safety of cannabis wax, dabs, oils, and extracts for consumers, and the popularity has since grown as well.

Oil Day Dabbing
Dabbing, the term for smoking oil, is becoming a more accepted and prevalent way to consume and enjoy cannabis as legalization spreads. Taking a dab requires using either a wax vaporizer, a battery-powered device that produces heat to vaporize the concentrate, or a dab rig, which is essentially a water pipe that will require the use of a blowtorch and additional tools. Either way, once heated, one inhales the vapor through a mouthpiece.

It is understandable that the process of dabbing isn’t for everyone, as using a blowtorch to vaporize oil is rather intimidating to most. There are many other ways that are popular to consume cannabis in oil form, including vape pens, CBD tincture oils, or food and drink ingestible oils.

Even though it is a more niche celebration, several dispensaries in authorized states will provide 710-related discounts to their customers to observe the date. So be sure to check out your local dispensary.

Why do people dab?
Dabbing is well known for having a speedier and more intense effect on its users. Because of the concentrated extract and the procedure used, this level of intensity is obtained. This strategy is advantageous when using cannabis for medicinal reasons. The patient may reap the full benefits of marijuana while also receiving quick alleviation and relief from their sickness.
Many medical marijuana patients rely on the alternate forms of intake, which are becoming safer to create as a result of improved regulations. With enough time and information, we can hopefully change public perceptions about the frequently misunderstood realm of cannabis concentrates.

Happy 710!
Will 710 be the new 420? It is unlikely since 420 celebrations have been taking place for decades in the cannabis community. Whereas concentrates and dabbing have only become more popular amongst pot smokers post-2012. In any case, cannabis businesses and consumers now look forward to both days every year!