Governor Jay Inslee Vetos 27 Bills

Partisan politics and fierce politicking this week in Olympia, WA prompted Governor Jay Inslee to veto 27 bills. Olympia insiders report that these bills were singled out in order to put pressure on Washington’s Republican legislators in ongoing budget negotiations.

Among the 27 almost-laws was SB 6206, a hemp research bill that would have established a pilot program managed by the Department of Agriculture to permit private R&D, as well as commission Washington State University to produce a report on the potential uses, economic viability, and ecological impact of industrial hemp production. Hemp is defined as the plant Cannabis Sativa with a THC content of less than 0.3%.


SB 6206 could still become law without any help from Gov. Inslee. Article III, Section 12 of the Washington State Constitution makes it possible for the legislature to perform a Veto Override.  The bill passed the Senate 48-1, and it passed the House 97-0 with one vote abstaining. In order to override Gov. Inslee’s veto, both houses of the legislature merely need to pass the bill a second time with a 2/3 majority. If the legislature votes on the bill again with the same vote count then it would automatically become law.

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