City Ordinance Poised to Require Warnings on CBD

by Justin Walsh

Sept 29, 2022 — The City of Columbia, South Carolina is moving forward with a potential piece of legislation that could require additional warnings with regard to CBD.

The proposed ordinance, which was addressed at the September 27, 2022, meeting of the City’s Public Safety Committee, aims to require signage displays to warn of the potential of a positive drug test arising from CBD use. Unfortunately, as it is a piece of new proposed legislation, a draft of the ordinance is not currently available.

Of particular note, is that the sign must be 50% the size of the CBD display. This could be an onerous requirement, as it is unclear whether the ordinance would require one large display or multiple large displays. It is also unclear that if a store is devoted to CBD, how one would measure the display.

We will keep you updated with what we hear regarding the new ordinance. If you are dealing with local, state, or federal issues regarding CBD, Hemp Extract, Cannabis, or any derivatives of Cannabis sativa-L, reach out and allow us to help.