Well Thought-out Guide Gives Marijuana License Applicants Information and Advice

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) recently released a Business Readiness Guide for licensed cannabis businesses in their state. This well thought-out guide gives marijuana license applicants information and advice about the most pressing questions facing new licenses, from the simple to the complex.

The OLCC Business Readiness Guide covers the basics, like developing your business plan, getting a UBI number, and minimum wages for your employees, to the far more complicated regulations a licensee will need to follow, like zoning compliance, workplace safety, environmental regulations and the Marijuana Tax. It also has lists of governmental agencies that will regulate various aspects of your business. Hopefully, this list will help avoid some of the confusion that we saw in Washington State.

This is not a comprehensive guide to starting your business, and certainly, cannot replace careful planning and consultation with your partners and your attorney, but it is an excellent place to begin your new marijuana venture.

; it just might spark some great new idea or remind you of some important aspect of your business that you’ve been procrastinating.