Updated List of Pesticides Allowed for Use in High THC Cannabis Production

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has recently updated the list of  pesticides that are allowed for use in high THC cannabis (cannabis) production in Washington State, based on criteria previously established by WSDA.

WSDA has added one new Section 3 pesticide and five new Section 25(b) pesticides to the list of allowable products for a total of six new products. There were no Section 3 pesticides removed from the list.  There was one Section 25(b) pesticide removed from the list.  The updated list contains 285 Section 3 pesticides and 104 Section 25(b) pesticides, for a total of 389 products.

WSDA has two columns on the list: (1) Section 3 pesticides that are subject to Worker Protection Standard (WPS) requirements, and (2) Section 3 pesticides that are limited to use by non-commercial “HG Only” cannabis growers. The products designated as “HG Only = Yes” may only be used by those individuals authorized to home grow medical use cannabis.

Products marked as “HG Only = Yes” may not be used in the commercial production of cannabis.

Spray adjuvants are not included on the list—however any spray adjuvant that is labeled for use on food crops can be used with an allowed pesticide that is applied to cannabis, as long as the intended use is authorized by the spray adjuvant label. For example, a spray adjuvant labeled only for use with an herbicide cannot be used with an insecticide or fungicide.  Information on spray adjuvants that are registered for distribution in Washington is available from the WSU PICOL database.

Please check your stock of pesticides against the list to ensure that you are using an allowed product.  Cannabis growers can continue to use any existing stocks of pesticides that were removed from the list, but no new product can be purchased.

All of the pesticides that were added to the list contain active ingredients that were already allowed for use in cannabis production.

Some pesticides are labeled for application to soil or to crop plants, while some pesticides are labeled for application to both soil and crop plants (e.g., insecticides, fungicides). Other pesticides include herbicides labeled for direct application to, and control of, unwanted plants (i.e., weeds). Remember to read, understand, and comply with all applicable label directions and precautions when using any pesticide.