Sir Mix-A-Lot Sued Over Copyright Infringement

David Ford, a/k/a DJ Punish filed a lawsuit against Anthony Ray, a/k/a Sir Mix-A-Lot on March 19, 2015. Ford is seeking a declaration to be named on copyright registrations at the Library of Congress on Baby Got Back, among other songs. Ford asserts that Sir Mix-a-Lot registered the copyright on Baby Got Back and 15 other songs without naming co-author Ford. In the lawsuit filed in King County, WA, Ford stated that he created the beat and contributed to the live recording of the award-winning hit.

Upon the release of Anaconda, the Billboard hit by Nicki Minaj, Ford discovered that Sir Mix-A-Lot erroneously claimed sole authorship. Ford seeks a court order to correct this error.

DJ Punish collaborated with Sir Mix-a-Lot on several albums and numerous songs beginning in 1989. DJ Punish contributed substantially to both the musical compositions and the sound recording with Sir Mix-A-Lot. In addition, DJ Punish toured with Sir Mix-A-Lot and is seen DJing in the acclaimed the video to the break out track, Baby Got Back.


The complaint can be seen here.