We Are Cannabis Attorneys at Gleam Law! Ask Us Anything!

April 20, 2022 — We are cannabis lawyers at Gleam Law! We have offices in 10 sates and serve clients around the world. We practice business law, administrative law, intellectual property, banking law, real estate, and litigation with a focus on cannabis. We help businesses form, comply, and thrive in the new cannabis industry. Our clients include farms, processors, retailers, dispensaries, and ancillary businesses such as publicly traded companies and international celebrities. In the emerging cannabis system, regulatory bodies are struggling to grasp the complex subject matter. We help the government offices interpret the laws in regards to the practical application and use of medical and recreational marijuana.

These are always fun and this is our sixth AMA! We are lawyers, but not your lawyers. Nothing stated here (by us) should be construed as legal advice

Joining us this time will be:

Neil Juneja:
I am the founder and managing partner of Gleam Law. I am a registered patent attorney and I think the world of myself. I am also famous for my modesty.

Justin Walsh:
I am a partner in our Seattle office. I lead the litigation department; advise businesses on Cannabis, hemp, and CBD regulations; and make a great cocktail. I am also the Cannabis Law professor at Seattle University and moonlight as a judge pro tem. In my off time, I tell jokes and write. You can also find me on the twitters at @amateurlawprof.

Mia Getlin:
I am a partner at Gleam Law, leading the firm’s Oregon practice and advising clients on a wide range of issues, including compliance, licensing, and transactions. As part of an industry advocacy organization I run, I work closely with the legislature, the OLCC, and other offices and agencies in Oregon to effect changes to law and rule to benefit Oregon cannabis companies. When I am not at the office, I can be found wrangling three small children or doing something dangerous in Oregon’s great outdoors.

Britaney Garrett:
I am an attorney in the Seattle office. I’m a value-driven litigator, committed to delivering strategic advice, personalized solutions, and steadfast advocacy to her clients. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I have firsthand knowledge of the impact regulation, legislation, and litigation can have on business objectives. With these factors in mind, I take a holistic approach to her clients’ needs, providing solutions that address immediate legal needs as well as long-term business goals. In my spare time, I enjoy organic gardening and road-tripping to parts unknown.

Matthew Coombs:
I am an attorney in the Portland office specializing in cannabis business litigation. I have experience in a wide variety of disciplines, including real estate transactions and litigation, general civil litigation, appellate matters, contract disputes, mortgage servicing litigation and foreclosure defense. In his spare time, I enjoy training for and participating in road and trail running races, hiking, biking and watching live music.

Habib Bentaleb:
I am a California-based cannabis attorney focusing on the business side of cannabis law. I commonly speak at industry events and help keep the legal community appraised on the latest issues in cannabis.

Lindsey Daniel:
I am an attorney at Gleam Law’s Oregon office focusing on the business and regulatory legal needs of our cannabis clients. When I’m not doing lawyer-y things (excuse the technical term) I enjoy hiking, re-watching old episodes of the X-Files and 30 Rock, and battling my two cats for preeminence in my apartment.

Alan Hanson:
I am a lawyer and the recognized cannabis credit union expert at Gleam Law based out of our Portland, OR office. My banking practice focuses on developing cannabis and hemp credit union divisions across many states including but not limited to Oregon, California, and Washington.

Roger Goodman:
I am one of the first Gleam Law attorneys and I specialize in regulatory compliance and government relations for cannabis businesses. I am also on my seventh term serving in the Washington State Legislature, presiding as Chair of the House Public Safety Committee with oversight of the criminal justice system. As a drug policy reformer for more than a decade, I was a key player in laying the groundwork for cannabis legalization in Washington State.

Tabitha Myers:
I am a Phoenix-based cannabis lawyer and a member of the Arizona and New Jersey state bars. I practice general business law, with a specialty in legal marijuana, hemp, and CBD law. I regularly present seminars on cannabis law issues in Arizona and around the country. As a community activist and a “good trouble-maker,” Tabitha values bringing light to many important issues outside of her work as a cannabis business lawyer.

Wei Hu:
I specialize in NY cannabis law and the NYS Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA). Since the inception of New York State’s MRTA on March 31, 2021, I have been representing and providing legal counsel to clients, businesses, and ancillary companies on areas of Adult Use Cannabis licensing, compliance, corporate, and legislative issues. My legal experience includes representing NYC in various state and federal courts, administrative hearings before the NYS Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance, and judicial appeals under NY CPLR Article 78 proceedings.

Krishna Narine
I am a Mid-Atlantic cannabis business lawyer with boots on the ground in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  In addition to my cannabis practice, I am general counsel to a logistics, transportation and energy business and represent clients in a variety of commercial matters including commercial disputes and litigation, antitrust and competition issues, business structure and entity formation, asset purchases and sales, and real estate transactions.

Amrit Sharma:
I am an intern at Gleam Law, currently attending Seattle University School of Law. Before law school, I was a high school teacher. I am currently externing for Supreme Court Justice Mary I. Yu.