Important WSLCB Contact Information & Links For WA Cannabis Business Owners

Written by Neil Juneja, Founder & Managing Partner of Gleam Law, PLLC. 

After a long and arduous application process, hopefully you receive final approval for your marijuana business in Washington. This is an exciting time! But it also means that you are now responsible for keeping every aspect of the business compliant with the Washington State Liquor Cannabis Board.

To help guide you on your way as a new cannabis business owner, the WSLCB provides some helpful contact information and links to new licensees.

For applicants and licensees with questions about traceability, extractors, data in the system, and inspections, contact the MJ Examiner at or 360-664-1614.

For applicants and licensees with questions on invoices and tax payments, contact the MJ Excise Tax office at

If you need to request a change to your marijuana license after it has been issued, go to the WSLCB’s Marijuana License Forms page.

For important lists, like violations, issued licenses, sales reports, and applicants visit the WSLCB’s Frequently Requested Lists page.

To be a part of the WSLCB’s Listserv that mails a news bulletin for marijuana licensees, sign up here.

To find answers for frequently asked questions, head to the WSLCB’s Licensing Services FAQ.

If you are a cannabis business owner and can’t find out the answer to your question, don’t just assume the answer. When it comes to compliance, the WSLCB takes their job seriously and any misstep by a business can result in hefty fines or loss of license. Schedule a free consultation with Gleam Law to get your cannabis business questions answered.