Google Removed 5.3 Million Alleged Copyright Infringement Sites In The Final Week Of September reported that Google removed 5.3 million alleged copyright infringement sites in the final week of September. The take-down requests function under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 17 USC 5212 (c)(3)(A). While it is impossible to discern the total number of DMCA take-down requests, Google does provide information on the number of requests they received.


This is an incredible number of requests and links removed from the Google search engine. The 5,310,080 requests were submitted on behalf of 5,407 different rights-holders across 37,413 domains. The top three targets of the take-down requests are ZippyShare, a file host, Dilandia, and BeeMP3, both music sites.

The Torrefreak article can be found here.