Gleam Law Reddit IAMA (Ask Me Anything)

Attorneys and members of Gleam Law, PLLC will be hosting a question and answer session on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything subreddit on
April 20, 2022 at 9am PST/12pmEST.
Bring any questions you have about cannabis, CBD, and the evolving world of legal marijuana.

We are cannabis lawyers at Gleam Law. We practice business law, administrative law, intellectual property, and litigation with a focus on marijuana. We help businesses form, comply, and thrive in the new cannabis industry. Our clients include farms, processors, retailers, dispensaries, financial institutions, and ancillary businesses such as publicly traded companies and international celebrities.

In the emerging cannabis system, regulatory bodies are struggling to grasp the complex subject matter. We help the government offices interpret the laws in regards to the practical application and use of medical and recreational marijuana.

This will be our sixth AMA! They’re always a great time for us.