Gleam Law Reddit IAMA (Ask Me Anything)

Attorneys and members of Gleam Law, PLLC will be hosting a question and answer session on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything subreddit on

April 22, 2019 at 9am PST/12pmEST.

Bring any questions you have about cannabis, CBD, and the evolving world of legal marijuana.

We are cannabis lawyers at Gleam Law, serving the California, Washington, and Oregon markets. We practice business law, administrative law, intellectual property, and litigation with a focus on marijuana. We help businesses form, comply, and thrive in the new cannabis industry. Our clients include farms, processors, retailers, dispensaries, and ancillary businesses such as publicly traded companies and international celebrities.

In the emerging cannabis system, regulatory bodies are struggling to grasp the complex subject matter. We help the government offices interpret the laws in regards to the practical application and use of medical and recreational marijuana.

This will be our third AMA! They’re always a great time for us.

May 13, 2016 AMA

December 1, 2017 AMA

We’re looking forward to round three. Joining us this time will be:

Neil Juneja:

I am the founder of Gleam Law and practice business and intellectual property law.

Representative Roger Goodman:

I am a 6-term Washington state representative, an attorney, and a long-time drug policy reform advocate.

Ammon Ford:

I am an attorney at the Seattle branch of Gleam Law. I founded the Cannabis Law Society (CLAW) at Seattle University School of Law in 2014.

Mia Getlin:

I am an attorney in Oregon focusing on the cannabis industry. I also work with political action groups advocating for business-friendly change to Oregon’s cannabis policy.

Justin Walsh:

I am a a senior litigation attorney at Gleam Law’s Washington office and represent clients of all sizes in a myriad of civil matters.

Habib Bentaleb:

I am a California-based cannabis attorney focusing on the business side of cannabis law. I commonly speak at industry events and help keep the legal community appraised on the latest issues in cannabis.

Alan Hanson:

I am an attorney in Oregon with extensive experience in cannabis credit unions. I tend to focus on developing cannabis and hemp credit union divisions.

Orion Inskip:

I am a former Army JAG and Army Aviator. I am a litigator for Gleam Law’s Washington Office.

Cassidy Patnoe:

I am about to finish my second year of law school. I’m a former public school teacher and current law clerk at Gleam Law.

DISCLAIMER: The comments and answers in this AMA should not be read as legal advice. This is for education, entertainment, and enjoyment purposes only. Our replies below are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship and are not confidential in any way. We are lawyers, but we are not your lawyer. If you have a specific legal problem then we suggest you find a competent attorney to discuss the specifics.