System Designed To Reduce Copyright Infringement On The Internet.

The new Copyright Alert System (CAS) is a collaborative effort between many of the powerhouses in the entertainment industry and the large ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The system is designed to reduce copyright infringement on the internet.
How it is intended to work:

The copyright holders (RIAA, MPAA, etc.) will monitor peer2peer networks such as torrents stemming from the incorrigible Pirates Bay, discover IP addresses, and report them to the appropriate ISP. The ISP will then warn the alleged infringer. Upon repeated violations, the ISPs will escalate the response

Repercussions after repeated violations may be bandwidth throttling or forced education. However, in no case will the ISPs discontinue service under this agreement. Apparently, the ISPs didn’t see a reason to fire their customers to protect the the big players in the entertainment industry,

Here are leaked images of AT&T and Verizon’s 6 strike responses.