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Quarantine Suspended!

With the release of BIP-03-2018 the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has temporarily lifted the 24-hour “quarantine” period. Prior to the suspension, businesses had to place their product into a quarantine area under surveillance for 24-hours prior to transferring products between licensees.

The Board states that the policy is temporary and is in response to the problems licensees are having with the botched release of a new statewide product traceability system. The mandatory 24-hour waiting period is required under WAC 314-55-083(4)(g). The Board received the statutory authority to adopt rules for security under RCW 69.50.342(1)(k).

Board Announces Future Changes

At meeting with the Cannabis Alliance this week, members of the Board confirmed that the temporary suspension of the 24-hour quarantine should become permanent by the end of the month. Additionally, the Board is also considering suspending the 72-hour quarantine requirement prior to destruction. This is good news as it shows the Board is open to change and is listening to the members of the industry.

Have a Question for the Board?

If you have issues that you would like to present to the Board, the Board holds meetings every other Wednesday in Olympia. The Board devotes time in each meeting for questions. If you can’t make it to Olympia, the Board broadcasts the meetings via webinar. Check the Board page for more information.