Legal Disclaimer Jokes In Movies- Top Ten

10 Humorous Legal Disclaimers from Hollywood.


“Selling piratings of this movie disc will result in punishment by crushing.”


“1) a renunciation of any claim to or connection with; 2) disavowal; 3) a statement made to save one’s own ass; 4) a foresaid word for not being blamed later. Though it’ll go without saying ten minutes or so into these proceedings, View Askew would like to state that this film is from start to finish a work of comedic fantasy, not to be taken seriously.”

Dr. Strangelove

“It is the stated position of the United States Air Force that their safeguards would prevent the occurrence of such events as are depicted in this film”

Mr. Magoo

“The preceding film is not intended as an accurate portrayal of blindness or poor eyesight”

Slumber Party Massacre 2

“Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution or copying of this film or any part thereof [including soundtrack] is an infringement of the relevant copyright and will subject the infringer to severe civil and criminal prosecution as well as a midnight call from the Driller-Killer.”


“All characters and events in this show – even based on real people – are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated… poorly”

The Great Dictator

“Any resemblance between Hynkel The Dictator and the Jewish barber is purely co-incidental”

The Simpsons

“No dogs were harmed during the production of this episode. A cat threw up and somebody shot a duck, but that’s it.”

Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie

“The story, names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are real. Some goats, pigs, and sheep were nuked during the original photography of some operations.”

The X-Files

“This production has not been approved, endorsed or authorized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”