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  • D. from Fordham University School of Law
  • A. in Political Science from Brandeis University

Tel: (206) 693-2900

Marijuana Policy Reform Attorney – Michael S. Chernis

Michael Chernis is the founding member of Chernis Law Group, P.C., located in Santa Monica, California. He has been a criminal defense attorney and commercial litigator for more than 20 years and is licensed to practice law in California, Arizona and New York, as well as a number of federal courts in those jurisdictions.

The California Cannabis laws are a key area of focus for Michael. He has represented clients in all areas of the California medical marijuana industry, from cultivators and manufacturers to patients and doctors, and all types in between. As an advocate, he has represented both individuals and businesses in civil and criminal litigation in both state and federal courts. He is currently assisting clients in navigating California’s recently-passed Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and Adult Use Marijuana Act (Prop 64), and in obtaining licensure from local municipalities. He writes and lectures frequently on the subject of marijuana regulation.


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Michael S. Chernis, Is CBD Legal?, Marijuana Venture Magazine, September 2016


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