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Mia Getlin

Mia is an Oregon cannabis attorney and a member of the Oregon and Washington State Bars. She practices general business law, specializing in legal marijuana, hemp, and CBD out of Gleam Law’s Portland, OR office. Mia has served clients throughout the industry, from OLCC licensees to policy advocates and industrial hemp businesses. She is also VP and Secretary of the Oregon Industry Progress Association, a political action group advocating for business friendly-change to Oregon’s recreational cannabis policy. She also has an Oregon and California CPA (inactive).

An honors graduate of UCLA and Pepperdine Law, Mia previously worked in public accounting at KPMG, providing internal control audit and advisory services to large companies with a focus on the retail, banking, and automotive industries. After moving to Oregon in 2014, she began to focus on business law and specifically serving the growing cannabis industry as an Oregon cannabis attorney.

With family members involved in the recreational market, Mia knows firsthand some of the challenges and pitfalls facing the growing legal marijuana, CBD and hemp industry. She is passionate about helping clients find cost-effective solutions that allow cannabis businesses of all types to succeed and prosper.
As a Portland cannabis lawyer at Gleam Law, Mia has experience in a range of business law disciplines from entity setup, cannabis licensing and contracts to business acquisitions and sales.
When not working, Mia can be found in the mountains, on the trails, or at the farm with her husband and three daughters.

  • J.D. from Pepperdine University
  • B.A. from University of California, Los Angeles
  • Member of the Oregon Bar and Washington Bar

Oregon State Bar Cannabis Law Section, Secretary – 2021

Oregon State Bar Cannabis Law Section, Executive Committee – 2020

Oregon Industry Progress Association, General Counsel and Advocate

Oregon State Bar Business Law Section, New Lawyers Committee

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