Business Formation & Governance

Set Your Business Up Right

The best time to seek legal advice for your business idea is before there is a problem. Consulting with a professional business lawyer early in the process will give you a huge strategic advantage over other business owners who fly by the seat of their pants. We will help you select the right corporate entity to protect your ideas and position your cannabis company for future growth. Our team of lawyers will analyze your options and choose the best path to reach your goals.

Business Licensing & Compliance

Navigate Compliance Complexities

Do you want to start a cannabis business, or have already established one? Opportunities in this new and growing industry are plentiful. Unfortunately, this opportunity includes complex laws that are constantly being revised. A simple mistake or oversight could cost you your entire business. The team of lawyers at Gleam Law specializes in cannabis business law. We’ll help you cultivate your business instead of trying to interpret fluid legal regulations.

Business Operations & Planning

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Establishing a business requires a lot of energy and capital. While owning and operating a cannabis business is full of risks and challenges, creating a successful business in an emerging industry is extremely rewarding. The legal team at Gleam Law will help protect your rights and investment through the formation of comprehensive cannabis business contracts, internal and external policies, intellectual property registration and strategic advising, business contracts, internal and external policies, intellectual property registration and strategic advising.

The key to long-term success in a cannabis business is developing a cohesive strategy that allows you to adapt to changing regulations. Our lawyers in Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California will provide expert legal advice regardless of where your cannabis business is in its lifecycle.

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