The team of cannabis lawyers at Gleam Law believes in setting precedence and finding creative, concrete solutions to medical marijuana legislative roadblocks and hoop-jumping that meet our unflinchingly high standards. Results matter, and we only never settle for less than the very best for all of our clients. We also happen to be damn good intellectual property cannabis attorneys.

High Standards and Concrete Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Founder and managing partner of Gleam Law, Neil Juneja helps clients reach their business goals with a no-nonsense, results-orientated approach to Cannabis legislation.

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Michael Chernis is the founding member of Chernis Law Group, P.C., located in Santa Monica, CA. He has been a criminal defense attorney and commercial litigator for more than 20 years and is licensed to practice law in California, Arizona and New York, as well as a number of federal courts in those jurisdictions.

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Recently completing 28 years of service in the military, Orion started as a crew chief in B-52’s, to his final 8 serving as a Judge Advocate in the Army Reserve.  After leaving the service, Orion transitioned to civilian practice in a personal injury firm.  He brings that litigation experience to Gleam Law and is prepared to represent you in your litigation needs.

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Criminal justice expert and state legislator Roger Goodman is closely involved with current marijuana laws and the policies that affect business owners in the cannabis industry. Gain a unique advantage over your competition. Roger will help set up your marijuana business for greater success.

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Ammon Ford is a passionate cannabis activist that supports cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners to successfully shape this highly competitive and growing industry, Ammon’s insights and strategies help business owners develop and protect strong cannabis brands.

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Mike Heron is a detail-oriented corporate cannabis attorney., He helps marijuana business owners strategize and develop a solid foundation to create the best opportunity for success. If you are passionate about medical cannabis or have an idea you want to share with the world, you want Mike as your attorney.

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Christopher Sabec is an international entertainment industry executive, entrepreneur, and creative thinker, and with more than 25 years of combined legal, business management, global entertainment industry, and digital media experience.

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Mia is a member of the Oregon State Bar and the Oregon Board of Accountancy (inactive) and practices general business law, specializing in the cannabis industry. She has served clients throughout the industry, from producers and processors to policy advocates.

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Tricia Cleppe is a Legal Assistant at Gleam Law. Previously, she was Senior Manager of Marketing & Client Relations at New Frontier Data, a leading cannabis data & analytics firm. She began her career in cannabis as a Digital Strategist for the LA-based cannabis non-profit Spark The Conversation.

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